No further development for this extension.

As long as possible some compatibility fixes will be done for upcomming TYPO3 versions. A new extension is currently under development and will integrate modern features. Its planned to extend this functionality to content-elements and content from thirdparty extensions.


A dokumentation comes within the extension and also available at TER TER online verfügbar.

Supports powermail to send collections.
TER extension powermail

For PDF-generation use fx. extension PDF Creator (pdf_creator2).
TER exetnsion pdf_creator2

Alternativ extensions

EXT: hht_seite_merken

  • userfriendly configuration
  • not in TER, no documentation
  • download (typo3.work.de)

EXT: nfcobjectleaflet

  • focus on real estate offers
  • available in TER, a bit documented
  • download (typo3.org)