See, Mark, Retrieve

TYPO3 Extension,
where users can collect,
sitecontent in a list.

Flexible apply

TYPO3-Extension can be used to collect different content or informations from a site, a part or different parts of a site.

  • Bookmark
  • Leaflet
  • Notepad
  • Requests
  • Documents

Easy use

By a single klick without login, users can mark and add any pagecontent into a favorit list. List can be sorted, deleted and used for any other needs.

  • Mark page
  • Sort marks
  • Delete marks
  • Retrieve marks

Fast integration

Installation of Pagecollector is easy to integrate and configure in existing projects, without any further needs.

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Security
  • Realurl compliant
  • Backend


To fit any issues, extension will be maintened.

See also TYPO3-Forge




Gardening and landscaping company

offers memo-/ retrievefunction for range of products inkluding a requestform.

Latest version 1.0.19

Current version is compatible for TYPO3 7.6x and 8.7.x. Older TYPO3 versions 4.5-6.1 need version 1.0.13 of this extension.

Translation for Frontendoutput are included for English, German, Danish, Netherland, Spanish und French.


Supports extension powermail to send collections.

TER extension powermail

For PDF-generation use fx. extension PDF Creator (pdf_creator2).

TER extension pdf_creator2

No further development for this extension.

As long as possible some compatibility fixes will be done for upcomming TYPO3 versions. A new extension is currently under development and will integrate modern features. Its planned to extend this functionality to content-elements and content from thirdparty extensions.